Class 11

Our Learning

Spring 2019


Welcome to Class 11 page. Here we will share our learning and events we have taken part in. Our topic this term is ‘Roses and Royals’ – we will be finding out about the Tudors.

Look at our topic maps and see some of the things we will be covering in class.

Spring Term Flow Chart Class 11

Spring Term Pupil voice Roses and Royals Planning Class 11


Class 11 Trip to National Museum of Wales: St Fagans

We visited St Fagans where we learned about the clothes worn in Tudor times and how what was worn showed people’s status in society. Did you know, it was the law that men had to weat hats, but only Lords could wear hats made from more expensive fabric such as velvet or satin? Poorer people had to wear woollen hats. 

Here are some of the costumes we tried on – can you work out who the Lord and Lady are, and which pair is  less well off? 

We also visited St. Teilo’s Church, which has been rebuilt at St. Fagan’s and decorated as it would have been in Tudor times.