Class 8

Hello everyone and welcome to Class 8. This is the place where we learn through exciting experiences and fun activities. Our classroom maybe small but we are full to the brim with colourful displays, a cosy reading corner and stations with lots to do. We also have our weekly ‘Star of the Week’ celebration and plenty of Dojos for fantastic work and tip top behaviour. In Class 8 we are all valued and we have lots of activities to help us respect and care for each other, dream big and be mindful of our actions.

Before you go any further, please take a look at our current topic and a list of suggested ideas you and your child could do for their homework this term. We ask that you support your child and allow them to lead their own learning during these activities. 

Class 8 Autumn Topic map – Out of the Blue

Homework Menu

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At Aberdare Park Primary, we want our students to become digitally competent individuals who are confident users of technology, learning valuable skills from the resources and expertise we have available to them.

Class 8 have been introduced to Google classroom; an online work space for our learners to interact with and engage in homework/ lesson content in a safe and secure way. So far, the children have enjoyed being able to log in with their Hwb email addresses to access work that has been set for them to complete.

Our aim is to try and continue using this platform to help encourage our learners to adapt to modern technologies and apply what they learn in school to in a more meaningful and accessible way. 

If you want to support your child and would like to familiarise yourself with how to use google classroom (How to get on there or even how to use it) please click on the link below which will take you to a Tutorial guide.

International European Day

As part of our modern foreign languages topic, class 8 celebrated our European day of languages learning all about Spain! At the beginning of the day we were fortunate enough to say hello to some children in a Spanish school, asking them questions about what school is like out there and comparing it to what school is like here in Wales. Later on throughout the day, we had opportunities to learn new Spanish phrases such as ‘Como esta?’ which means ‘how are you?’, draw and sketch portraits in the style of the Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso and also create and taste some delicious Spanish Omelettes! We had so much fun in class, I don’t think we will forget it any time soon! Take a look at the pictures to see how we got on!

Comparing Wales with Spain

We decided as a class to research facts about the physical and man-made geography within Wales and Spain. Did you know that Wales’ highest point is Mount Snowdon reaching heights of over 1000m? We also found some pretty tasty facts that got a few of us hungry for more! Check out our leaflet for more information!

Christmas Concert

This year class 7 and 8 are joining together to perform the wonderful Nativity story – ‘Straw and Order’ – a light hearted, enjoyable show that hammers home the message of the true meaning of Christmas. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed this play; especially learning the catchy songs that make it one of the best productions around! 

Below is a list of songs that your children can listen to to practice at home before their performance! Enjoy!

1. We’re not moving out!
2. Full to the Brim
3. The Wisest Men
4. Follow Me!
5. The Sheep Shimmy
6. Glory to God
7. Precious Baby
8. That First Christmas Night