Class 9

Our Learning 2018/19

Welcome to Class 9! Here you will find some of the fun and interesting things we have been learning this year. Click on the hyperlinks below to view our Class Topic map  – ‘1960’s Mods and Rockers’ – and Pupil voice – Pupil choice for this term.


Class 9 Topic map – ‘Into the woods’

Pupil Voice – Pupil Voice Summer 19

Homework Menu – Into the Woods

Autumn 2018

Parent sharing Afternoon

We really enjoyed learning with all of our Parents and Guardians who came to share in the learning experience with our class. Some of us even created bar charts on J2E to calculate the average number of flosses we could do within 30 seconds!


Class 9 school trip to Techniquest

Class 9 had a fantastic time at Techniquest where we learned all about Electricity; how it is created and how we use it in our homes and at school! We also explored the rest of the exhibition discovering forces, sounds, materials and so much more! Scan the QR code below to see how we got on.

Chinese New Year

As part of our topic for our first term, the children enjoyed researching facts about China and in particular, the Chinese New Year. We used a questioning grid to form questions that we were able to research and source the most reliable information from them to create a Spark Page. Take a look at our Spark page below! 

Harvest Assembly

Class 9 really enjoyed learning their vegetable rap which they performed in front of Key Stage 2. We created our own backing track using garage band and included instruments that were linked to our topic; The erhu and Pipa. Click on the link below to hear our Vegetable Rap!

Vegetable Rap


Spring 2019


Techno camps came to our class to show us how to code Microbits. We explored the different variables and had a lot of fun doing it!

Class 9 Well-being template


Land of the dragon Performance

Class 9 were lucky enough to take part in the production of ‘Land of the Dragon’ created by the puppet group ‘Puppet Soup’ (Supported by Arts Council Wales). The children were in charge of everything; from creating Twitter adverts to counting up ticket prices. On the night. they even worked back-stage, taking people to their seats, serving cold drinks and biscuits that they made to friends and family and selling raffle tickets. One child in the class commented “This has been one of the best nights ever! My favourite part was actually taking people to their seats… But the puppets were really cool too”. 

A big thank you to everyone who came to make it such a fantastic evening! 


Big Pit School Trip


Class 8 and 9 had a fantastic time learning about the Welsh coal mines and what life was like not so long ago. Some children were able to share some experiences that their relatives had when they worked in the mines. We were all fascinated by how far below the surface we were and wondered how they managed to get so far down without modern machinery to help them! We found out that we went 100m below the surface, this was only 1/8th of the distance it would take to reach the deepest coal mine in South Wales in Abernant (Over 800m below ground!). 

Click on the link below to find a video sharing some of the pictures we took on the day!

Big Pit Video


Litter Pick-in Trecynon


We were busy out in the streets of Trecynon cleaning up and sorting out all of the litter that had been dropped. On average, we collected roughly 500 pieces of litter in 1 hour! We came back to class and created a litter picking template on what we learned from this experience.

Margam Park


As part of our topic – into the woods – we went on a school trip to Margam Park to explore nature in its finest form. First we stepped into the woods and created our own nature masks before settling down near the pond for our dinner. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to go pond dipping and learn a little bit more about habitats and animals living in the wild. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we got on!